Manly - Photo Editor for Men App Reviews

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toxic masculinity

this app is just feeding the toxic masculinity that men think they need to uphold

I really like it but it should have all free stuff

Over all it is good


Lo mejor de lo mejor







Monthly Subscription??

This is a novelty app that gives you abs in a picture, and the developer thinks that’s worth $6 a month? You have got to be kidding me. If it was a one time charge of $6, I would gladly pay it. Too greedy guys.

more free option

thats very good but have much buy option

So close

This app works, it’s almost better than Adobe Photoshop. Then again you can use plenty of options even if you’re using it without a subscription. The only downsides to this app is that it quickly heats up your battery and that half of the options you can choose from, you need the subscription. But all in all it’s really good.




Boss 124

Best i ever seen



It only allowed me to do one “adjustment “ the rest I had to sign up for a subscription. It couldn’t since I don’t have VISA. So it just nevr allowed the other “adjustments”. Ripoff.



Excellent app

I like this app, but I don't agree to have to pay monthly...


It is a good app.

Amazing app lol

Bring out my inner kid :)


I used it to edit a professional photo shoot and it came out great . Just takes time patience and skill . And coloring of original photo should be smooth and good quality

I like👍🏾



It’s amazing.


Do not use this app. It will trick you into a "free trial" of the app, charge you $35, and no one from customer service will ever answer you about it.

Costs money to use features

To use all features this app requires monthly membership . Not worth the money in my opinion and to have a reoccurring monthly charge is something I’m not in favor of

New update ruined this app

When you have a picture with multiple faces, you used to be able to toggle back and forth to any face you wanted to edit. Since the update two days, it appears you can only edit a single face in a photo of many faces but the app chooses which face you can edit making this feature useless. Can the developer help me out on this ? Am I missing something ? Why can’t you edit more than one face in a photo? I paid for the full version. Am I doing something wrong ?

Little bit cool

I wish we can use the pro for the first 30 days then people will recommend it 5 stars


I really need to update it to use all the functionality

"The Art of The useless"

You can't really do anything as advertised because you have to pay for a monthly subscription wich is not mentioned, and by itself, I wonder what kind of freak with low self-esteem will use this, it you want to look fit just work out.


Love it

Cancel this app

I don’t want this app. I mistake to clicked and download today. Can you delete purchased record?




Sería bueno que sea gratis


Worst app, cannot do anything I need on it tried to undo the purchase and it wouldn’t let me. Extremely unhappy, would just like a refund


Came out of nowhere won’t let me unsubscribe

Very good


Pay app

Free to download and slim your waistline, but anything else, be prepared to pay for it. Hoping for a good laugh and inspiration, but I’m not paying money for a editor. No thanks

Used free app then deleted, still getting charged

I used the free app for a day or so then deleted it. I am now being charged $5.99 a month and do not know how to unsubscribe. Do not use this App.

No difference from other free apps

The only thing you would won’t is the body redesign. Which costs money. 100s of free apps do what this app does for free.




So far.. So good 👍🏽


I was messing around and found this app. They had a free trial so i tried the free trial. Turns out i got charged for a year. Ive tried to contact the company but can not get an answer. Be careful downloading this app.


You have to pay a monthly fee? Lol maybe for someone who’s desperate.

Don’t download unless there is an update

This is good and all but about every thing says pro on it and I just want to ps


It’s really useful for the ugly pictures and it helps me a lot I just want to thank the person who invented this💓

Not free

The options shows are for a yearly subscription

Great overall

Good app ha Sammy beneficial editing features. Worth it.



Not Free

I saw their ads saying it’s free when I download it nothing was free but the simple editing that every app has. So don’t bother downloading it’s not worth it.





Best photo shop ever !

How you like me know


Not a goodie!

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